dermal (adj) – for, in or about the skin

-ity (suffix) – state of being

At Dermality, we provide quality service and advice, along with a relaxed atmosphere, to help you look and feel your best.

Dermality is a boutique aesthetics clinic located in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. We specialise in body contouring, cellulite reduction and pelvic floor strengthening.

Since it was founded in 2021, Dermality has brought the women and men of the Goldfields the latest innovative treatments to bring tangible results without the need for invasive surgery.

Our Vision: To nurture skin and body confidence in everyone we meet.

Our Mission: We aim to be the leading provider of the highest quality, results-driven, scientifically proven, non-surgical aesthetic treatments in the Goldfields.

Our Values:

  • Safety: Patient safety, confidentiality and comfort are our priorities.
  • Service: We strive to provide exceptional service, going above and beyond to ensure our patients feel valued and worthy.
  • Quality: We use and recommend only the best treatments and products.
  • Innovation: We welcome change and use the latest technology to bring the best possible treatment outcomes and believe in continuing education to ensure we stay in touch with the latest industry advances.
  • Integrity: We foster an environment of respect, honesty, trust, and loyalty with each other and our patients.

National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers

At Dermality, we proudly adhere to the National Code of Conduct for Healthcare Workers (2015).

The National Code requires healthcare workers to:

  • Provide services in a safe and ethical manner;
  • Obtain consent;
  • Display appropriate conduct in relation to treatment advice;
  • Report concerns about the conduct of other health care workers;
  • Take appropriate action in response to adverse events;
  • Adopt standard precautions for infection control;
  • Take appropriate and timely measures to minimise harm to others if they are diagnosed with infectious medical conditions;
  • Not make claims to cure certain serious illnesses;
  • Not misinform their clients;
  • Not practise under the influence of alcohol or unlawful substances;
  • Not provide treatment or care to clients while suffering from a physical or mental impairment, disability, condition or disorder that places or is likely to place clients at risk;
  • Not financially exploit clients;
  • Not engage in sexual misconduct;
  • Comply with relevant privacy laws;
  • Keep appropriate records;
  • Be covered by appropriate insurance;
  • Display the National Code and other information.

Complaints can be made to the Government of Western Australia Health and Disability Services Complaints Office (HaDSCO)

Provision is also made for the Health Services Commissioner to investigate breaches of the National Code and take disciplinary action.