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Emsculpt is a great option for men and women of any age who desire a non-surgical solution for burning fat and muscle toning. 

Emsculpt is the world’s first non-invasive body sculpting procedure that simultaneously targets muscle and fat. This revolutionary technology has pioneered the first non-surgical butt toning procedure.

Treatment areas

With five individually-tailored treatments, Emsculpt will help you burn fat and build muscle on the following areas:






Treatments on the abdominals and buttocks are both 30-minute sessions, while the calves, biceps and triceps use smaller applicators and take 20 minutes.

When the paddles are applied to the skin, a second current is produced by magnetic fields. The current that it creates is strongest in the muscle, rather than the skin. This means that there is no heat or pain sensed in the skin and allows for the more intense muscle contraction.
These forced, supramaximal contractions are unobtainable through conscious movement. The image below shows the muscle response to Emsculpt compared to common exercise.

How it works

Emsculpt creates a magnetic field with high intensity energy, which penetrates to the muscle, impacting both muscle and fat cells. The stimulation induces up to 20,000 supramaximal contractions in a single session.

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This causes an increase in both the size and number of muscle fibres, while simultaneously disrupting fat cells. With an ever-increasing wealth of clinical evidence, this mechanism has been confirmed by histology, MRI, CT and ultrasound imagery.

During the

No preparation is required, the procedure itself is very simple and easy – it’s like working out, without the work.
You will lay down while the applicators are applied to the desired treatment area. They must be applied directly to the skin and there can be no metal in the surrounding area (piercings and jewellery must be removed).
During the treatment, you may experience intense, yet tolerable muscle contractions.
The protocol for Emsculpt is four treatments over two weeks, scheduled 2-3 days apart.

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After the

Once your session is completed, you can resume your daily activities – there is absolutely no down-time.
In rare cases post-treatment, there can be some temporary muscle spasms in the treated area and mild muscle soreness which subsides in a day or two.
Results can be felt after the first session, but most positive results are reported a couple of weeks after the final treatment.
The best results are seen at three months with continued improvement up to six months after the last treatment.

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Your Safety is priority

The energy emitted during your treatment is:

What our clients say

*individual results may vary. Not all treatments are suitable for everyone – your eligibility will be confirmed prior to your first treatment.

Frequently asked questions

A single session is $400, however a course of 4 is recommended for optimum results. Discounts are available with combined packages. A list of prices and packages are available here

Emsculpt is the world’s only non-invasive procedure to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat.
It is approved by the TGA to build and strengthen muscle and improve tone in the abdomen, buttocks, calves and arms. A 30-minute treatment is delivers 20,000 impulses using high intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology.

With large applicators, Emsculpt helps patients achieve slimmer and more athletic body contours, by reducing abdominal fat and simultaneously building the muscle foundations underneath the fat.

Emsculpt is the only non-invasive buttock lifting procedure in the world, meaning you don’t need to undergo surgery anymore to have a more toned and lifted butt.

Emsculpt can improve strength, muscle tone and firmness in arms and calves thanks to the small applicators, which are specifically designed for treating smaller muscle groups.

Emsculpt is the only procedure in the world that not only targets fat, but also simultaneously builds muscles. Other technologies are good, but they only treat fat. Emsculpt is not based on a heating/cooling principle, so there are no risks of burns, scarring or swelling. Through the strengthening of all three gluteal muscles, emsculpt has established a completely new category of treatments – a non-invasive butt lift.

Although you are laying down and relaxed during the treatment, the procedure feels like an intensive workout. This is because as your muscles undergo a series of vigorous contractions. You may experience a prickling sensation during the treatment, but many patients say it is completely painless.

Anyone who wants to strengthen their abdominal, buttock or other muscles can benefit from the Emsculpt procedure. The best candidates, who are most likely to achieve visible, satisfying results, are of normal weight, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.

Emsculpt is for those aged over 18 years. It is not suitable for use on the head, neck or chest, or if you have any of the following:
  • Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Cardiac pacemaker, defibrillator, implanted neurostimulator, drug pump or electronic implanted device
  • Metal rods, pins, plates, metal IUD or orthopaedic implants/joints
  • Pulmonary insufficiency, cardiac disorders, epilepsy or active malignancy
  • Bleeding disorders, or taking blood thinners
  • History of hernia repair with mesh, or any recent surgical procedure in the area
Any injury, damage or tear to muscle or soft tissue in the area to be treated including active hernia

Emsculpt is non-invasive and requires no recovery time or any pre/post treatment preparation or downtime.

The muscles treated will feel stronger with each treatment, with increased muscle mass resulting about 4-8 weeks after the 4-treatment series. Improvement of the overlying fat is appreciable by about 3-months after the series is completed.

We recommend a good exercise regimen to maintain results. Many individuals find Emsculpt treatments at 6-month intervals are useful to maintain results.

Improved muscle tone lasts at least 6 months but longer if you exercise regularly. The fat loss in the abdomen area is thought to be long term due to fat cell destruction. The key to maintain longer lasting results is a healthy diet and exercise.

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