Packages and prices

Our packages listed below are based on the recommended course of sessions for each body area. You can treat multiple areas in the same appointment. 

Free 30-minute consultation

If you’re wondering how Emsella feels and would like to discuss your treatment options, book in for an obligation-free consultation. You will sit on the chair, feel the treatment and discuss how we can help you address your concerns.

Emsella Package - $1,800

Six 28-minute Emsella treatments, over the course of three weeks.

Emsculpt Package - $1,600

Four 20 or 30 minute Emsculpt treatments (on any one area), over the course of two weeks.

Core to Floor (Mummy Makeover) $3,000 (save $400) *MOST POPULAR

Six Emsella treatments and four Emsculpt abdominals. Perfect for strengthening the body post-childbirth. Please note you will need to be at least 3-6 months post-partum before undergoing treatment.

Toned Arms - $2,800 (save $400)

Four 20-minute Emsculpt biceps treatments and four 20-minute Emsculpt triceps treatments.

Abs and Booty - $2,800 (save $400)

Four 30-minute Emsculpt abdominals treatments and four 30-minute Emsculpt treatments on the glutes.

Emsculpt 12-month membership - $3,500 (save $500)

10 Emsculpt sessions on any one area. Includes the initial course of four treatments, then two treatments every quarter to maintain.

Emsella 12-month membership $3,000 (save $600)

12 Emsella sessions. Includes the initial course of six treatments, then two treatments every quarter to maintain.

Slimyonik Pricing & Packages

Single PricePackage PricePackage valueSavings
Single session$145
5 pack$138$689$725$36Save 5%
10 pack$130$1,305$1,450$145Save 10%
15 pack$124$1,849$2,175$326Save 15%
20 pack$116$2,320$2,900$580Save 20%
30 pack$109$3,263$4,350$1,088Save 30%
Silhouette Refiner$115$104 if purchased with a package of 10 or more
Body Contour Gel$109$99 if purchased with a package of 10 or more

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Don’t see what you want? Talk to us about creating your own package from the services provided and tailor it specific to your needs. The more areas you treat, the more you save.